José Augusto Pereira Brito

Holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from the ECA-USP, with emphasis on communications, technology and virtual political processes (2000-2005. Also has a PhD in Systems Engineering and Computing from COPPE - UFRJ (1993-1997), with emphasis on computational mathematics and computer graphics and a Masters in Engineering from PUC-Rio (1984-1987), with emphasis on steel structures. He also holds a postgraduate degree in Management DE (2007), e-Business (2001) and Corporate Sustainability (2011) FGV- SP, and in Internet from Infnet RJ - Institute (1998). He has taught graduate courses in the MBA program at FGV-Rio (area of innovation and technology) and undergraduate courses at ECA - USP (area of ​​public marketing and political marketing.) He is an engineer with experience in computer systems for engineering, in concrete and steel structures, including buildings, bridges, pre-stressed suspended, offshore and nuclear constructions (mechanical area).  He is a teacher researcher and conference speaker. And is CIO of Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute - SP.

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