Science DMZ and the Internet of the Future: new initiatives

In recent years increasingly specialized demands on academic networks have emerged. On the one hand, scientific applications have trafficked increasing volumes of data, stretching the capacity of university networks to the limit. On the other hand, researchers in the area of computer networks have proposed innovative architectures in order to overcome limitations of the current TCP/IP architecture, in an area known as the Future of the Internet.

For scientific applications the Science DMZ model has been proposed and studied, which consists of a specific infrastructure in the network of a campus of an institution to meet the differing demands of this kind of applications. While for network research, experimental infrastructures have been created in the institutions, linked by regional and national academic networks, forming multi-institutional test beds for large-scale experimentation in the Internet of the Future.

The purpose of this presentation is to present the new initiatives in Science DMZ and the Future of the Internet that have been developed by LARC-USP together with ANSP, RNP and FAPESP, and more recently, developments along with the international community, of the GENI and Fed4FIRE projects.

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